Fuel Up at Perry Harrison School is a backpack food program which provides students with nutritious meals and snacks for weekends and other breaks from school. Families whose children are eligible for the Free and Reduced meal program are encouraged to apply to participate in the Fuel Up program if they feel their children are not getting adequate food at home. The school guidance counselor and social workers select the students to be served. Parent volunteers and other students do not know which students are participating in the program, as bags are filled anonymously and distributed discreetly.   
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Volunteer Opportunities for 2013 - 2014 
    If you are interested in volunteering on the Fuel Up committee, we need people willing to help set up on campus (days of the week and timeframes are flexible, pending training and discussion with Fuel Up coordinator) or to pack bags (on campus) from 8:00-9:30 on Wednesday mornings or distribute bags to teachers 2:35-3:05 on Wednesday afternoons. You could volunteer weekly, once a month, or just occasionally. If you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Jennifer Buckmire - gaganbuck(at)hotmail.com or Sarah Blake Finigan - sb.finigan(at)gmail.com
      Set up for first pack will be Sept 9-10 and packing will start Sept 11 @ 800am.

      Supported by the Carolina Meadows Community Grants Program, area churches, Scout Troops, and private donations.
      Fuel Up at Perry Harrison School is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization